The Observatorio de Comunicación, Videojuegos y Entretenimiento (OCVE) was formally established in the month of April 2014, on the basis of ongoing work by teachers of the Institut de la Comunicació de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and teachers of the Universidad de Vic – Universidad Central de Cataluña.

However, it is currently an open group with the participation of members of other institutions and universities and, occasionally, members of companies in the sector. The OCVE hosts a multidisciplinary research group with experience in Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Computer Science. The group conducts basic and applied research, approaching games from a variety of perspectives including theoretical analysis, design, qualitative ethnographic approaches, AI, interfaces and player experiences. It investigates digital games, virtual worlds and associated phenomena and integrates the lines of research Digital communication (Digital Communication) and Studies of video games (Game studies). Promotes collaboration, dissemination and dissemination in the investigation of these areas. The group is headed by Dr. Ruth S. Contreras Espinosa (Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya). The group participates in national and international events, and currently participates in studies, conference committees and scientific committees, but also organizes national and international events giving interested people the opportunity to learn more about the field of video games.

Special interest points

-The OCVE, in collaboration with the Center de Pesquisa e desenvolvimento, Communities Virtuais, researches digital games and virtual worlds.

-The OCVE Digital Library offers an open access archive service for research works from a wide variety of places including the academic papers presented at the OCVE workshops. The organizers of conferences and seminars that wish to archive their research work in the OCVE file, please contact us: ocve (at) incom-uab.net -The OCVE, in collaboration with INCOM-UAB Press, publishes in open and refereed access, the InCom-UAB eBooks in the Portal comunicacion.com.