Does the OCVE make games?
We are not a video game development studio. We create projects aligned with our mission that allow us to connect what we have learned about game design, commitment to the audience and participation in the development of the industry. We seek to associate with institutions or studies that need OCVE support.

I want to be part of the OCVE.
The OCVE is growing and we are always interested in listening to potential students, researchers, designers, volunteers, interns, etc. Write to ocve (at) incom-uab.net to stay in touch with us.

How do I share an event?
Do you have a story to tell or is there something or someone you think we should show? Have you seen or are you involved in an event? Send your stories, images, video or audio and comments to ocve (at) incom-uab.net
If we use the material, we will publish your information exactly as you provide it.

How do I share a resource?

Please feel free to send the following resources: Essays, articles, publications, books, websites and blogs, scholarships, other suggestions. With the submission of your recommendations, please include: Name of the resource, Author (s) of the resource, Link to the resource and / or attached document, brief description of the content (English and Spanish).

The organizers of conferences and seminars that wish to archive their research work in the OCVE file, please contact us: ocve (at) incom-uab.net

What happens if I have more unanswered questions?
Write to: ocve (at) incom-uab.net and we will respond as soon as possible.