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CHI PLAY 2018 FORUM on Video Games for Mental Health

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The Forum on Video Games for Mental Health invites researchers and practitioners working on mental health, video games, and/or digital health care to discuss their work under the auspices of the annual CHI PLAY conference. Participants can also look forward to three thought provoking keynotes, addressing the use of video games in therapy, issues with the clinical implementation of digital health technologies, and the production of games for mental health.

We particularly welcome contributions on:

-Innovative game designs and technologies for promoting, assessing or treating mental health

-User-centered or participatory design methods applied to games for mental health

-Implementation strategies and or clinical/practical considerations when using games for mental health

-User studies, experiments and/or intervention studies, focused on outcomes of using games for mental health

-Video games and playful interactions applied in the therapeutic context

For more information and submission details see the workshop website:

Submission Deadline: August 15, 2018

October 28, 2018

Melbourne, Australia